Comparison Between Online Blackjack and Video Poker

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Blackjack and video poker are both among the leading casino games in Australian online casinos. Both the games have lots of similar and different features that make the comparison quite interesting. However, the objectives and the game play are entirely different in both these major casino games.

When playing blackjack, you would have to beat the dealer while avoid to get busted, and when playing video poker, your final hand would be compared with the pay table. The history of blackjack goes back to more than 5 centuries having evolved over the period from different gambling games. However, video poker is a game that came around a century ago and is the same game that was first played.

However, both blackjack and video poker have become popular due to the same reasons. Both these games give you very high returns. Most of the variations of these casino games give you very high payout that can be as high as 99.5%. When you compare to other casino games in online Australian casinos like European Roulette and online pokies, they have average payout of 97.3% and 95% respectively.

But, roulette and pokies almost have guaranteed returns, but the extremely high payouts of blackjack and video poker are based upon conditions. If you want to get the best payouts, you have to use the best strategies, otherwise your payout can go down to 90% and low.

Both blackjack and video poker are more the games of skill than luck. The level of skills is vast and can be complicated. Some variations are more difficult and you will have to learn the hands where you must raise and where you must fold. However, all the skills have been codified in different forms so that you can use them easily.

When playing blackjack, you would the skills are represented via strategy cards that have tabular forms and are simple to understand. The leading makers of software such as Microgaming have integrated them with Auto Play to make it easier.

In the case of video poker, the strategies are explained in sequences. However, it would not be as easy as the blackjack strategy card when you are playing in an online Australian casino. You can better memorize it to follow it with ease. At the same time major software makers have not integrated this optimal strategy with their games. So, if you want to play video poker, you must learn the strategy.

You must know that some of the casino software makers keep those cards in their video poker game if they have already formed winning combinations. However, you should not think that the entire strategy would be integrated with the game. A major difference between blackjack and video poker is in terms of payout ratios.

When you play the regular variation of online blackjack that sues the rules of traditional blackjack, the regular bets are paid out even money while wins are paid out 3:2. Thus, it can take some effort and time to gather all the big wins in this game. Then there are some variations of blackjack that give you side bets that offer higher payout ratios. However, the average returns are low and they are independent of the main game.

In the case of video poker, even money payouts are at the start of the line with a huge different between the top payouts. When you play Jacks or Better, the regular variations of video poker, the payout a 5-coin wagered Royal Flush is 800:1. Straight and Flush are the more likely results and they payout 4:1 and 6:1 respectively. Thus, you can make huge wins in video poker even on a hand to hand basis.

Thus, overall when you play blackjack in Australian Online Casinos, you can expect the average return to be around 99.5%. Most players would be bunched either above or below this group. And, when playing video poker, you would find the average return to be around 99.5%. However, among different variations this average can be much higher. So, if you are a conservative player you would like to play blackjack and if you like to take bigger risk you would be playing video poker.


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