History of online pokies

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The history of the game traces its roots back over 100 hundred years and has been an integral part of the resurgence of recreational gambling since the early 19th Century. Internet gaming applications like online pokies are some of the most widely played games on the internet today. From the very formation of the idea these gambling machines have been a huge part of the industry. Originally popular in casinos all over the world as a table game, it became even more popular as a stand-alone gambling machine and enjoyed further success as an online possibility for gambling enthusiasts.

It all started in the 19th Century when the first poker machine was developed and produced in New York. This first invention used 5 reels to display any variety of cards for the player to use as their poker hand, with payouts depending on what the player’s cards offered in the way of winning card combinations. These first inventions were so popular they were desired by restaurants, bars and gentlemen’s clubs. Manufacturers were finding it difficult to keep up with the demand from local establishments. Patrons stood in line sometimes for hours waiting to get a chance to play them.

In the late 1800’s a man name Charles Frey developed the first machine with a system designed for automatic payments when a player won according to the rules of the game. These early machines had 5 different shapes on 3 separate wheels, and if a player matched 3 similar symbols they won a specific number of coins. These machines were so popular among the patrons of the establishments that offered them business owners couldn’t keep up with the demand.

These machines continued to be popular into the mid 1960’s when electronic versions of slot machines were made available and changed the landscape of gambling forever. The electronic machines also brought about the invention of newer possibilities as far as players being able to wager multiple coins on a single spin of the wheels, as well as providing for bigger jackpots. These new machines were designed to look similar to the earlier machines that Frey had designed and built, with 3 spinning reels that were activated by the pull of a lever or the push of a button. These electronic machines are still in use today in casinos all over the world.

During the 1980’s some of the manufacturers designed a newer version of the electronic pokie machine, giving it a facelift and a new video screen that took the place of the physical spinning reels of the older machines. These video machines are used for several different gambling games there are a multitude of different video poker games that are displayed on these video machines, as well as any number of different styles of video slot machines. Players that gamble on these machines also have the opportunity to take part in massive jackpots that are both interactive and progressive and are winnable from any of the machines operating on the same system. If you want to find the best operators just visit our jackpot pokies section.


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