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The Microgaming Provider added another variant in the series of its table games i.e. in the series of Gold, it is the Baccarat Gold. Apart from many visual appearances present in it they have introduced many new features in the variant and make the product very appealing in the eyes of usual baccarat players. Now they are redefining the segment and finding out more.

This game comprises of 8 deck with a wager system from 5 to 500 credits. Here one can see the side bets along with usual banker bets. Players can play it in regular fashion plus they can have wager on the side bets as well. They have Tie bet with payout 8 to 1 and Pair bets and banker with payout 11 to 1. It is very user friendly in visually attracting its players. It is among best in overall wagering system of Gold series of Microgaming. The Baccarat Gold, it is true to say that it all gives high class experience of the casino.

Baccarat Gold

There are interesting animations in handling cards. The practice of the players handles the dealer hands and player in all baccarat gaming which will get the peek and by lifting corner with turning the cards. It is highly stimulated in this game. The player got the hand which player has bet while transferring. By moving cursor it can be further lifted. After opening the card it can move and click the cursor and squeeze a button. The cards which are upturned get back to playing zone.

Many players rotate the cards in the land casinos before trying to peek it. May be they think it is a good luck sign and it is convenient for them. This practice can also be seen in Baccarat Gold. It reveals arrows on card. After then player could click the arrow to see direction and in the way they wanted to rotate card. After this player can peek it on the card and move, click and turn over as mentioned before.

Roadmap and the History are other features in this game to be noted out. While history is not new it displays the outputs of hands which are in sequence. In the game blue button showing a P indicated Player Win; red button shows B represents Banker Win whereas green button showing T indicates the Tie. The overall Roadmap is depicted from History feature that could have usage in the advance level baccarat analysis. There are four charts in the Roadmap, i.e. Big Road, Small Road, Big eye, and Cockroach Road. The color of Big Road is same as History having hollow coloring in the indicators. The very first output of a session will prominently marked in first column of the first row, subsequently adding the rest of the indicators below it. Whenever the outcome changed, the new column in a similar fashion is created. The Big Road chart helps to track numbers of similar type outputs and analyze the pattern well to find out the larger one. The remaining charts are more complex and are used on the advance levels of analysis.

Royal Vegas, The Platinum Play and All Slots are the places where the Baccarat Gold is lively played.


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