Multi-Player Roulette Diamond Edition table game released

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We’re all familiar with multiple players around a land based Roulette Table, well now Royal Vegas brings the concept to the popular game of online roulette with its latest offering: MULTI-PLAYER ROULETTE.

This Interactive game allows you to chat with other players as well as facility to zoom into the Roulette Wheel and view other player’s wins. The Multi-Player style of gaming creates an environment of interactive community, where you can view other player’s game play. Watching how others perform on their games creates a more competitive atmosphere.

Multi-Player Roulette Diamond Edition

The graphics in this Roulette game focus predominantly on the roulette wheel itself, supported by detailed and colourful table and control illustrations. The software features a 3D wheel zoom and autoplay facility as well as controllable game speed in the ranges of 20, 40 or 60 second spins.

Multi-Player Roulette has a wide betting range that will suit most bankrolls, and faithfully captures the excitement and suspense of playing against worthy competitors. Try it yourself at Royal Vegas Casino today!


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