New Aussie online gambling proposals

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Most people familiar with online gambling establishments from various internet industries around the world agree that the rules and regulations regarding Australian online gambling are very outdated.

There has been new legislation introduced recently by Stephen Conroy, the Communications Minister in Australia, which has been written to relax some of the laws that are currently in place regarding the possibility of online gambling. This new legislation would make it possible for punters to place wagers online during live matches, it would also allow for the trial period of casinos to provide online pokie machines in the form of video poker, so long as the casino doesn’t offer full casino suites or other types of online games for gambling customers. Other forms of online gambling would still be illegal in Australia.

The news of this new legislation is being welcomed by every major sports betting establishment conducting business in Australia and most of them view the move as the proper method for protecting punters from unsavory overseas web sites. It is also believed that other measures being incorporated such as pre-commitment will serve to protect punters, as will self-exclusion.

There are exclusions to gambling stipulated in the new legislation. Micro betting practices will not be allowed which means that patrons cannot place a wager on such things as a tennis serve, or similar singular style event, for instance a cricket no-ball.

Although this new legislation is appreciated by owners and operators of gambling establishments throughout Australia, there doesn’t seem to be a rush towards rewriting some of the other archaic laws and regulations preventing further expansion into online games commonly found on other web sites, or from other casinos, software developers and gaming web sites from around the world. Proponents of expanding the realm of online gambling in Australia point out that even some individual states in America are considering legalizing online gaming for profit in all forms.

The current online gambling climate in Australia allow for guests to enjoy the possibility of a gambling experience without the possibility of receiving a monetary reward for any wins. These games are beneficial for gaining experience with gambling in an online community; however players tend to lose interest over time since there isn’t anything advantageous to the continuation of playing. Software developers offer these games as a way to pass time and eliminate boredom but the initial attraction wears off rather quickly and designers are left with attempting to draw up new ideas in order to retain the interest of the visitors to the web site. The new regulations do not appear to have any restrictions that would keep a punter from playing and placing financial wagers on games offered by an overseas entity, where the possibility of a payout actually exists and the Australian currency is accepted, which means punters can still enjoy the chance to win without breaking any laws.


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