Online Slots with different Reel sets

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The trend of online pokie games in the Australian casinos and in casino industry is generalized with single set of reels. Here same symbols appear and reappear across reels at the time of spin in and spin out. If any players are wagering for long period of time it will get too much boring and frustrating especially in case when the player is already loosing. Thus, overcoming this there are many online software companies for casino who has changed the phenomenon and come up with modern approach.

When the time of free spin bonus and spins show some visual changes that gathers the attention of players. Well, it is not beyond changing the backgrounds and colors of the symbols like light or dark shades and from night to day light to changing the seasons. What is important is the essence of a symbol which is not changed i.e. its core value remains same. Moonshine which is another Microgaming slot in the series took this concept on next level where in the main game the lady is shown on rocking chair holding double barrel gun in both hands and in the free spins the rocking chair falls down and lady got drunk. Again in the main game policeman is alert and ready for action and in the free spins he is got tied by hooch distillers.

By such changing methods the boredom is removed to some extent but it will not prosper on long way. Different variant do better job like Playtech landmark branded slot game Kong The 8th Wonder of the Word in which there are two sets of reels in main game which leads towards the theme. In the so called legendary story the King Kong was discovered by explorers in jungles of Kull Island and got captured. The first set has a Jungle mode. All the reels are set in the Jungles. The animation reminds us of the movie scene of Jungle. The high value cards are casted in a rock and the characters have explorers’ type clothes. The tragic and interesting part is that king Kong is shifted from Jungle to City. Here the next reel appears into the entire new mode of Big City. High value cards showing as neon signs which is looking great. The movie characters now dressed completely in a new way and were going in the Big City types. Now there are new animations with different sets but somehow manufacturer accomplished the goal to fix linking between them.

A switch in time, the rival gaming company which is famous for it’s i-slots, depicts the three completely different sets of reels showing entirely new eras. These begins from 19th century towards prehistoric which will lead to the future. The three zones have different sets of architecture depicting things of that particular era and offer a very realistic gaming experience. There is a common symbol in all three sets which is a time machine, which focuses when the era switched from one to another. The 19th century attire was with pocket watch, gas lamp and wine tables. On the prehistoric times the items includes beasts and caveman types where future era was entirely different with aliens, radar panel and a spaceship. A future era bonus game has robotic war. The time zone differentiates with bonus games which is typical as per time zone.


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