Pharaoh’s Secrets

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Make your way down into the secret alcoves found in the ancient pyramids of Egypt to discover the Pharaoh’s secrets in this fantastic online slot. There are loads of great ways to win big money playing this fun pokie game, there are five payreels with an impressive 20 paylines for players to light up, giving loads of chances to win the massive jackpot on offer. The biggest jackpot on offer is a huge 5,000 coins and those coins can be bought for as little as a single cent or as much as fifty cents. Due to the fact that there are so many paylines, players can wager as much as $10 on every spin to go for the big jackpot. Play the Pharaoh’s Secrets slot now at Swiss Casino or Noble Casino.

Pharaos Secrets

The graphics and sound effects make this a great fun game to play even if it weren’t for money. The icons spinning around on the payreels look as though they have come straight out of an ancient Egyptian Pyramid and are made to look spectacular by the special Playtech graphics that have been used in the design of the game. The symbol to look out for is the Pharaoh symbol, line up five of these on one of the paylines in order to win the jackpot. When players line up three pyramid symbols they unlock the secret bonus game. There are two parts to the bonus game and a massive amount of bonus cash to be won. This is a great fun game with loads of different ways to win money and is great for all size bankrolls.