Playtech Blackjack Games online

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Playtech operators like the famous Casino Swiss have few collections of the online blackjack games. Its main focus is on arcade games after online slots. This is the reason why playtech has few variants in this. It is one of the leading and established software providers in online casino business. They are quality providers and thus there quality of blackjack games is also good.

Let’s talk about blackjack in detail. The standard variant name is Blackjack only. They do not consist of European and Vegas strip unlike other providers. The dealer in the game does not check the blackjack in any case defining the European like variant. Help file will give more details in the technical know how of the game. Here a player 10 card Charlie wins automatically which is an innovative concept. It can play up to 5 hands i.e. it is supporting multi hand feature.

Blackjack Surrender is the name of another variant. This is especially for those who like American Blackjack. This supports those who have practice in the American Casinos rather than European style. Here the dealer checks for Blackjack if his initial hand has a ten-value card or Ace as the face up card. Well, this is the usual practice in American Land casino, here the player can surrender and recover half his wager after the dealer checks for blackjack. That’s why its name is Blackjack Surrender. It is played in Australian online casinos with ease.

Among many and different variant of blackjack, playtech offers Perfect Blackjack which is the most common among all. Players can place different side bet and dealer deal a pair in the initial hand. They are additional in the game and any pair pays 6 to1, a colored pair pays 12 to 1 and a suited or perfect pair 25 to 1. These bets cannot be placed until the main game is played but it couldn’t be win if the player loses its main game. This is the add-on to the game.

Another blackjack variant under flagship playtech is Blackjack Switch. It is only provided by playtech. Using two hands, it is to be played where initial cards are dealt the players who switch the top cards with two hands. Soon the move can convert the two weak hands into two strong hands and moves. Blackjack pays money here and Blackjack Switch has an option to play super match side bet.

Another variant of the Playtech blackjack is a Lucky Blackjack. It is more of a fixed odds game obviously based on blackjack. Here only dealer’s hand is dealt and motive here is to find or predict the final value of the dealer hand. Its options are 17 to 21 with dealer blackjack and bust. The range of the payout is 2 to 1 for bust it is 19 to 1 for the blackjack.

Another blackjack variant 21 Duel which is a fascinating game where player’s moves can be modified. The player dealt with on card face down and one card face up. The two communal cards are dealt which is a common for both the player and dealer. Firstly the player has to choose one communal card as his second card. If then he is satisfied with the hand value then he will stand and hit. If hit is successful his face down card will be added to the hand. It will be the find card he gets. Then the dealer’s hand is automatically played similarly and the two final hands are then compared.

Pontoon and Progressive Blackjack which are another playtech variants in the row. All these games are live at Playtech and can be played in Australian casinos and at the Noble Casino and Casino Swiss basically.


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