Playtech Spin a Win arcade game

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Playtech is a leading software provider of online gaming. Out of which its arcade game “Spin A Win” has some different characteristics for roulette with the certain bets that make it more fascinating and interesting.

At the center of this game there is a wheel, having 24 numbers. It spins after the bets placed pointer number. The numbers in the roulette are colored, there are five colors used in this Spin A win game. It is more interesting when these colors have different covers consisting of numbers. They have no “0” in roulette but the payouts are defined in order to create a house edge.

Spin a Win Game

There are different types of bets in this game, each bet has different layouts which are around the wheel and the bets are placed by clicking the area around the layout. The player wager range is in between 1 to 24. Every bet has 23.4 payout and all are the same. They include original bet and wins which is a very good feature of payouts here. Let’s look at the specifications:

  • Players bet on eight groups of numbers: from 1 – 8 and 9 – 16 leading to the 17 – 24 each having payout of 2.9.
  • Payout do not have original wager in the standard game but it get returned if the player win.

On different colors bets are placed with number sets but due to different number the payout number will not be the same. The Brown color consists of 7 numbers with payout 3.3, green color with 6 numbers and payout 3.9, blue one with 5 and payout 4.6, color yellow has 4 with payout 5.8 and red Color along with 2 numbers having payout 11.7. There can be a certain combinations which will be open for players. Payout depends on total number of combinations. This Spin A Win has similar bet like French Roulette. It is named as ‘Last digit of’. Out of 24 numbers there are certain numbers which will end with 1 like 1, 11 and 21 similarly there are numbers who also last with 2, 3 and 4. The player can bet to any set and each one has payout of 7.8.

The bets of 4 can be encircled into the wheel. Two will have numbers either even or odd. The payout is 1.9. They show the plays after 2nd spin. They can be lower or higher, if 1 and 2 or 23 and 24 are called then bets will be disabled for next round.

$0.10 is a base bet. Rest can be place with $0.10 multiples with repetitive clicks on a selected betting point. Multiple beta are placed here with the total amount of bet is displaying on the bottom of screen. The numbers are highlighted which are covered by bets on a wheel. It has also the features like Options, Help and History. The Playing areas are Noble Casino and Casino Swiss.


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