Double-up playing the pokies

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If you have understood the writing of part 1, then definitely you will have some ideas about the word doubling. Let’s clarify you, why the gamble has been done. The double –up can be explained as If you have ever won anywhere, then the age factor will not come in that place. So still you are entitled to win further. Earlier, if you have tasted the wining, then you will not face any problem to hit the button of gamble.

Suppose you have decided to gamble with your victory, then you will be used in a new place where you will present yourself with two cards in the game. After that you can be said to choose a color. Your selection can be red or black. Here, if you want to double up, then you have 50-50 chances to win it. You can find there are some buttons which are on the top of the row showing the cards symbol.

If you want to select the suit then you can have 1-4 chances to make your money 4 times from the actual amount. As you are getting the chance to increase it, definitely there is the chance to loose it at the same period. So this is the gamble. It’s mandatory that you can only choose single option i.e. suits or color. This option is only used for five times in a game. Its fun if you are using occasionally. But in some instances if you will strike the “taken win” button, then you will be placed to the main point of the game.

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