Playing the Pyramid feature at Queen of the Nile pokie

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Queen of the Nile is a popular game announced by Aristocrat. There are a few features in this game which are popular. However, it’s the pyramid feature that is considered as the prime element of this game. With this you have to try for land 3 or you can look for more pyramids while moving from left to the right on the winning line. Keep in mind that you have a good chance to land on them, if you will select additional winning lines for playing the game. Once you will manage to land three or more than that, you will soon hear a bell. Once you will achieve this point, you can sit and relax. This is also the time when you can keep the fingers crossed which may help you a lot. In order to start the game, you can make the right use of start feature.

The amount for the free games will be decided based on the pyramid symbols you can line up. Three symbols can offer you a total of 15 rounds. Similarly, four symbols 20 and five symbols will offer 25. These free games can be played by you now and the beauty is that all your winnings will become three times higher than the actual price. So, you have to hit some quality winnings here which are really crucial. Selecting the winning lines also plays an important role. Well, you cannot change the selection once you will be taken for feature games. However, you can surely re-trigger some free spins available with the feature. This is always possible with the Queen of Nile like game but you will not find these features with other pokies. There is always something mentioned with the description of the game. So, always lookout for these details!

Please keep in mind that these machines are not wrong! If you assume that you won and the machine didn’t payout, then there is no need to feel frustrated. The gaming machine cannot be wrong! Simply, you are not the winner!

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