Pokies in comparison to playing Lotto

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Have you ever been mentioned by people that you cannot really win while playing with the pokies! If so, then can you just estimate how many times you came across such statement? Surely we have a lot of time! After, having a good view of the below mentioned points, you can really revert back to those people in a better way and can answer them more precisely.

Pokies are considered as one of the highest payout activities in the gambling world. This is a popular form of gambling and often equipped with higher payouts. There is a list you can find below which is acquired from Tasmanian Gaming Commission. This list can better suggest you about the fact that how popular pokies are in terms of payout stakes and why the return is always ridiculous with pokies with comparison to other gambling games that are popular.

  • For pool it is 50%
  • For NZ Lotto it is 55%
  • For Lottery it is 60%
  • For scratch tickets it is 60%
  • For Keno it is 75.9%
  • For TAB it is 84%
  • For the On course tote it is 84%
  • For Bingo it is 90%
  • For gaming machines it is 90%
  • For Online pokies it is 97%

With this sort of list being displayed, you have to keep in mind that the percentage shown here is based on the machine’s total life. As per the list, you may feel stressed enough, as your chances to receive win will remain really slim. One of the most important aspects to consider here is the gaming time that you can possibly receive through these gambling activities. What sort of fun you use to find while playing lotto, there is hardly anything to do with this aspect! So, you are not going to get a lot of thrilling as well as exciting time for the money you will invest.


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