Some Fascinating Less Explored Playtech Pokie Games

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Playtech is one of the leading casino software makers in the world, and they are regularly offering new online pokie games. Because of so many new release, players keep betting on new pokie games while forgetting the old ones. Overall, this is better for the players because the new games offered in Australian online casinos have high-end technology along with gaming features.

However, you must understand that some of the older pokie games need to be played regularly because they offer something uncommon and better than the others. You can find some of the leading pokie games offered by Playtech in the following paragraphs.

“8 Payline Pokie Game” is offered by only Playtech and you cannot find it in Australian online casinos powered by other software makers. And, because new pokie games are not being launched in this group, it is important to keep the old games alive.

One of the leading names in this series is “Chinese Kitchen.” The reels in this game consist of symbols that represent the magnificent aroma of the kitchen. There is a 3 by 3 matrix for displaying the symbols that spin independently. In this pokies game the paylines are displayed diagonally, horizontally and vertically on the matrix.

“Chinese Kitchen” has symbols that stand for different food items. This includes fish, turtle, snail and duck among others. These symbols are designed in a comic way. And, even though this pokie game doesn’t have any bonus rounds or jackpots, it is a highly thrilling game.

Another pokie game in this series from Playtech is Fairy Magic that has not been given much attention by players. While the scatter symbol is the tree house, the wild symbol is the unicorn and the bonus symbol is the fairy. This pokie game is offered in Australian online casinos and offers interesting symbols like the squirrel, gnome, mushroom and the daffodil.

The unicorn and fairy symbols have some effective animations. Collective Bonus is the main highly of this online pokie game. Whenever a fairy comes anywhere on the reel, a star is dropped below the reel. And, when you have 4 stars in a reel, you get a bonus that is 4 times the overall bet and 5 free spins along with doubling the payout. When a fairy comes in the free spins, you get additional 5 free spins.

Another pokie game offered by Playtech is Golden Games. As the name suggests this is a game themed online pokie game that if based upon the Olympics theme. This type of pokie games go down the stack after the Olympic Games get over and make a comeback only after 4 years. This game is focused more on the visuals compared to the features.

The introduction consists of a clip that consists of fireworks that matches with the Olympic Opening Ceremony. The wild symbol here is the gold medal, and the scatter symbol is the “discuss thrower.” If you get the “Olympic Torch” you would get 20 free spins and the payout would be double. Whenever you get a winning combination, the 3 symbols are animated. Additional symbols consist of the stop watch, tennis racket, weights and the basketball. The regular high-value symbols have been substituted by Olympic Games logos in gold.

Another addition to Australian online casinos from Playtech is in the form of “Thrill Seekers.” It is a surprise that this online pokie game doesn’t come in the list of the most popular games in online casinos. This online pokie game features “Amusement Park Theme” that comes with lively animations and colors. Playtech has even created an animation background featuring amusement park. This game has 50 paylines along with 4 rows of symbols. This means that there is lots of animation to be enjoyed on the reels.

You can find the symbols such as Roller Coaster, Skull Cave and Pirate Ship on the reels. And, there are treats such as Pop Corn, Ice Cream, Candy Floss, Candies and Cold Drink. While the wild symbol is the Joker, the scatter symbol is the Attraction Ticket. The Super Hammer bonus round is activated by the Hammer on the second screen.


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