Stargames / WMS Gaming

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During the late part of 1990s, 2 Australian men have started Stargames. They are: John Rouse and John Messara. Rouse was related to horse racing and he was also the CEO of Australian Jockey Club. At the same time, Messara was considered as the most renowned horse breeder in Australia who uses to breed race horses. These two have merged up and made the right use of Kolback Group which is a waste management industry. Messara was the owner of this company. These two have used this company as the vehicle to purchase Vidco which is a gaming machine manufacturer and belongs to Brain Frost. These two have purchased this business in $14 million during the year 1999. After buying the business, they renamed Vidco as Stargames and soon started to develop new platforms for announcing advanced poker machines. Soon after they purchased Vidco, the owners of Stargames has signed a deal with the Chicago based WMS Gaming which was a gaming machine maker.

Stargames Online Casino

Williams is the owner of WMS, and this company has developed several pinball machines. In fact, they have produced the most popular pinball machines during 1960s. Like Konami, WMS owner has also learnt that he is into a limited arcade market. However, the home gaming consoles has really offered something for the pinball machine manufacturers to cheer about, as the pinball parlors have managed to develop like anything. Well, the Stargames in not only involved in making the pokies but also they have developed RTGP which is also known as the Rapid Table Gamin Product. These are just like the automated Roulette and never require the dealer.

Stargames has also registered its name at Australian Stock Exchange market. They have managed to become the dominant force at the gaming market in Australia. And with the announcement of PC3 platform, Stargames and WMS will surely outplay the big names in this industry. During July, 2004, Stargames has also announced about their record breaking sales revenue which was estimated around $65 million. They have also received 87% enhancement in the international shipments. Stargames is also responsible to license a wide range of themed games that are based on different celebrities like X-Men, Monopoly series and Spiderman.