The Microgaming Software Structure

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The Microgaming is the leading change maker in the online software casino industry. From the beginning of its launch, it took the pioneer role in shaping the industry. Today this industry is moving with high pace with rapid changes introducing day by day. The Online casinos now are restructuring their way to meet global levels and with ever growing requirements in the industry, because of these requirements and conditions, Microgaming is all set to move on next level in coming times. The software available in 24 different languages with also the multi-currency facility, thus player has option to opt for any available language.

The “Our Technology” section on the website shows the linking of the software with different elements. The three elements are there, one is Viper Software which is a core of the online casino software. It has largest series of downloaded games. Well this requires the large hard disk memory. The drawback of this software is that, it is only compatible with Windows operating system.

Out of this structure the second element is the flash casino. The good part is, it is compatible with both Mac and windows OS and because of this it has good number of players across globe. This Microgaming can be useful for the players who have lower bandwidth and machine specifications, having low hard disk space and processors with slow configuration. It is built with latest tools and techniques. It has small selections covering blockbusters titles of games. The dedicated Microgames offer both download and no download systems i.e. Viper Software and Flash Casino. They come up with complete suite of casino management along with systems and tools.

The increasing competition and number of casino software providers are coming in every season. It is creating competitive advantage for many operators but since Microgaming now realized that until this issue persists it will harm its industry on long run leading to loss in volume of business. Thus it developed the Extended Third party Interface (ETI) which allows compatible approach that can be used or integrated with other system account of Microgaming. Now Online Microgame Casinos are receiving the other best provider’s game through their ETI.

Along with this The Microgamers saw further opportunity in the premium games which they offer to the casino operators running on different s/w platforms. They developed the QuickFire Platform which succeeded to reach out many other leading casino operators. Particularly they offer selection from games of Microgame Flash Casino to their clients but now they added same to the ETI itself.

They are flexible enough in this newly markets where strategic partners playing their roles. As Microgaming are old and are first to enter in this synchronized market, they have enough experience to provide quality interfaces with complete solutions to build their future reputation as well.


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