Thrilling But Ignored Pokie Games from Cryptologic

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Cryptologic is among the leading online casino software makers in the world. This software developer also licenses its online pokies game to other platforms. This includes pokie games that have super-hero characters trademarked to DC comics and Marvel Comics. There are some casual pokies such as Bejeweled that also have huge demand in Australian online casinos. These are the popular pokie games, but you have many other magnificent games from Cryptologic that are elaborated below.

Several movies and novels have been based upon detective themes. The software maker, Cryptologic, also has a pokies game on this theme, known as Dick Danger Private Eyeball. The casino software make offers this pokie game in many Australian online casinos with high-level of graphics. The highest paying symbols in this game are based upon detective characters. Private Eyeball is the wild symbol that has an eyeball that represents a face, while the hat and trench coat complete a private detective.

The game also has a gallery of rogues having mafia bosses in the form of a fish head, egg head and mug head. The only human face is the vamp. She uses a long cigarette holder for smoking. In place of the card symbols, the tools of private detectives like magnifying glasses, camera and handcuffs are used. The second screen is meant for activating the bonus round.

You would find a building having 15 windows and you would have to pick 6 out of them to find the suspects. After you choose the windows, the door is opened revealing the culprit. You would be awarded if you pick a minimum of 3 of the suspect and if he is the culprit your payout gets tripled.

You have pokie games with themes from the past and from the future, but not many when it comes to being themed upon time travel. Cryptologic fills this gap by offering Time Machine pokie game in Australian online casinos. There is some great animation on the high value symbols. “Dr. What” is a time traveler and he represents the wild symbol. This game also has the highest non-progressive jackpot that consists of 10,000 coins.

The feeling of the traveler moving through time can be experienced from the animation. It is more profound from the surprised look on the face of the traveler. The scatter symbol is the wormhole, and it results when two black holes come together. According to scientists time travel is possible only through wormholes. The animation shows everything being sucked into the wormhole.

The time machine in this pokie game looks like a sleigh type of machine and it gives you the second highest jackpot consisting of 5,000 coins. The rest of the symbols are represented by various time eras from popular time traveling fictions. So, you can find symbols like the Dinosaur that represents the Jurassic age, the White Knight representing the Medieval Age, the head of the Sphinx representing ancient Egypt, the robot the future, and the Dandy Victorian couple. In the bonus round you get double payouts along with 15 free spins.

Another pokie game offered by Cryptologic in Australian online casinos is Computer Rage. It is a casino game that represents the anger felt by people when businesses switched from pager to the electronic version. The shattered computer displays the agony of failing to do things with a system that was more alien. However, work was continuing to pile up in the tray. And, the boss was always ideal and ordered the results to be delivered in untimely timeframes.

In this pokie game, the wild symbol is the Boss and he gives the highest jackpot. There is the office girl who tears her hair while bearing the burden of the rage. Computer Rage has 2 bonus rounds. There is the Smashed Computer Feature where you would be smashing computers using a sledge hammer in order to get bonus credits. And, if you want to throw the computers out of the window, you need to play the Computer Rage Feature.

You can play all these magnificent pokie games from Cryptologic in the best Australian real money online casinos.


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