Tips to play online pokies

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In the first place you have to get it in your head that you have taken the correct decision in playing online pokies because that is where the actual money lies. In these games the rate of payouts are quite high so that the gamers get the benefit. The best part in playing online pokies is that the only requirement it needs is to have a pc of your own and an internet connection. You also have to be in Australia in order to play the online pokies and if you are already there then just enjoy the game and win huge sums of AU$.

The game of online pokies is not very difficult to understand and is quite easy to play whether you play it live or through the internet. The tricky part is that such games are really difficult to win as they are favored towards the establishment. If you do not get a good machine to play that is to say, the machine which will give payouts then it is most likely that your money will be robbed. These happen in the live casinos but in case of online casinos it is not the same. The chances of winning a reasonable amount of cash are much higher here. While you play the online pokies make sure that you note down your total winnings so that in the end you will be able to make out the money’s worth.

As a player you must keep in mind that the outcome is random because they are controlled by RNG (Random Number Generator). This random number generator decides the combination of every spin that takes place. Online pokies have a lot of variety and you may well see a new type in every month. For the new comers the color and brightness may seem to be attracting because the online casinos are based on a particular theme that helps to get you in the groove. The themes may be of any game or movie or anything else.

One thing that you need to check before you start playing in the online pokies is the percentage of payout that it offers. Most of the existing casinos’ payouts in Australia have an average of 95% to 98% payouts. Your chances of winning increase if that casino has a higher amount of payout. These percentages of payouts means that that amount of bets have been won by people. But this doesn’t mean that all the people who are playing will win in that casino because their winning also depends on the machine’s lifetime.

Just to let you know, try playing in those online pokies that offers progressive jackpots because the chances of winning high amount of cash increases with that. But to win such jackpots you will have to be a consistent player who wins and gets maximum credits in the spin session. Only then will you be able to qualify for the progressive jackpot. Some of the online pokies has aborted the orthodox kind of payouts and have started giving bonuses to the players on their winnings. This gives the players more chances of winning.

For someone who doesn’t want to spend much but has the wish to earn more they may try casinos that give great deposit bonuses. This is possible at casinos where the bankroll is relatively low and which has various kinds of bonus benefits.

While playing in an online casino you must remember that you need to have a good relation with the customer service so that they will readily help you in times of difficulty. The people who stay in Australia and play there have the benefit that they get a 24/7 helpline service and that too toll free.


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