Various States and their Regulation of Online Gambling

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Many states in Australia manage their local gambling facilities themselves, taking direction from the but ultimately controlling, licencing and monitoring operations themselves.

One such area is the popular Christmas Island territory of Australia. During the 1990s, that casino was thought to be more popular and profitable than a series of mainland Australian casinos put together. While this may be a myth, the fact remains that up until its closure in 1998, it was one of the leading gambling establishments in all of Australia. What’s more, the residents miss it so much that they have taken to constantly lobbying for either the reopening of the original casino or the launch of an alternative. One such application was filed in 2004 but turned down, but residents continue to push for the notable boost in the economy that the casino did and once again would bring.

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is one such area of Australia that largely regulates its own gambling industry. Various bodies are overseen by the Racing & Gambling Commission of ACT, including the Canberra Greyhound Racing Club, Canberra Harness Racing Club and Casino Canberra.

Similarly, New South Wales (NSW) has a body that oversees regulation in its own state. In practice, this means that the Casino Control Authority of NSW regulates all of the casinos in the area, including the likes of Star City in Sydney. They also oversee the massive industry of gambling on cruise ships that leave Sydney Harbour.

In the Northern Territory, gambling is overseen by The Racing and Gaming Authority. It is one of the more popular gambling epicentres in Australia, boasting as it does excellent casinos in the likes of Alice Springs and Darwin, together with a number of race courses such as Alice Springs racecourse and Fannie Bay racecourse.

The Queensland Office of Gambling Regulation, as the name suggests, monitors gambling in Queensland, where the most popular activities include various state lotteries and casino games. There are numerous large casinos in the area, including the Reef Casino and Hotel, plus more than seventy horse and dog tracks, making the Queensland regulator one of the busiest in Australia.

Southern Australia, including Adelaide, is covered by the Gambling Supervisory Authority (GSA). The area boasts more than thirty horse and dog tracks in total.

The Tasmanian Gaming Authority (TGA) is one of the smaller local bodies in terms of the venues looked after, but does indeed cover the entire state. The Wrest Point Hotel is one of the most popular casinos in the area and is joined by eight horse and dog tracks. Tasmania is also known for being a particular poker hotbed in Australia.

Victoria’s regulation is taken care of by the Casino and Gaming Authority of Victoria, with the state being home to two of the most popular casinos in all of Australia, The Millers Inn and the Crown Entertainment Complex. It is another of the most popular states for poker, and also offers residents and visitors a choice of over seventy dog and horse tracks.

Finally, one of the bodies with more wider reaching powers is the Office of Gaming, Racing and Liquor, which monitors all gambling in Western Australia. The Burswood Entertainment Complex is by far the largest and most popular casino in the region, while fans of cruise ships can head out on gambling cruises from Fremantle. The most popular dog track in the region is located in East Perth and is joined by another thirty similar venues across the state.


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