What makes the pokie machines tick?

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This is fairly simple. All you need to keep three words or letters in mind while playing pokies while playing online or at the pokie club. In letter it’s RNG which is also known as Random Number Generator in words. This is considered as the key aspect behind each spin that players make with the pokie machine. If a player is becoming mad while playing with the pokie machine and mentioning that these are the rigged ones, then it can be easily determined that they are not actually rigged. However, it’s the RNG which should be set in a fair way.

So, what is the RNG or the Random Number Generator? It is a small chip which is added for the circuit board of the pokie machine. This small chip is responsible to decide the pay outs. And on most of the occasions it doesn’t payout.

All these random numbers are assigned with a spin combination on the pokie machine. These random numbers are also programmed to produce a particular amount of winning. They are also programmed to produce certain percentage of the Feature Winning Plays. This is all performed within the cycle of random number. The cycle is nothing but the actual amount related to the random number which is often generated by the RNG before it starts again. If the small chip has been programmed to produce 10,000,000 of random number in a single cycle and 80% of the numbers are determined to winning plays, then there should be 8,000,000 of winning spins available for the pokie machine. At the same time, the remained 2,000,000 of wining plays will be determined as the losing plays. With this, you cannot really predict when the pokie machine will start to generate the numbers that goes favor of you. So, ultimately it comes down to the fact that your luck plays a great role while expecting for more winnings at the pokie machine.


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