A Look at the Legends – Aristocrat Classic “New” Releases

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Previously here at Online Casino Australia, we took a look at the Player’s Choice series from Aristocrat that has been responsible for bringing some of the company’s all-time leading games to a new audience by cramming several into a single cabinet. Few developers pay as much attention to their existing games as Aristocrat though and they’re still making it possible for players to enjoy top gaming action in land based establishments with the Legends series.

This series of games is certainly nothing new, as you’ll have undoubtedly seen Legends cabinets whenever you’ve headed to the casino. They contain games that are household names here in Australia, but they’re always being revamped and brought up to date without losing any of the magic of the original.

By far the most dominant of the currently available games is unsurprisingly also Aristocrat’s most famous poker machine of all time and comes in the form of Queen of the Nile Legends. There are more of these cabinets throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria than any other game in the range and given the fact that the game still holds up well by modern standards, you’ll still rarely find an unoccupied machine!

It also happens to be the perfect example of what the Legends series tries to achieve, given that it brings all of the core features to the table. For starters, while the number of games in the cabinet isn’t quite as large as you’ll find on the Player’s Choice machines, the original Queen of the Nile poker machine certainly isn’t alone. Instead, it is joined by Queen of the Nile Deluxe, meaning that you can opt for the historic original or make use of the stacked symbols and increased interactivity offered by the upgraded version.

The cabinet also packs in the other main feature of the Legends series, that being the brand new progressive jackpots. Neither of the original titles featured such a jackpot but these huge prizes are confined to a single machine so as long as you’re the one playing, nobody else has a chance to take the great cash amount away from you! It adds a new dimension to playing arguably Australia’s favourite pokies and falls into line with Aristocrat’s efforts to bring more progressive opportunities to players.

Perhaps the best thing of all about Queen of the Nile still being available at our casinos is that you don’t even have to head out to play it. Wehther you want to play the original or Deluxe version, we’ve covered them in detail as part of our Aristocrat section. There, you’ll find details on getting the most out of the game, as well as some great online alternatives given that genuine Aristocrat pokies are blocked here in Australia.

While that’s definitely the main game in the range, it’s by no means the only one. Those with a keen eye may well have spotted Big Red, King of the Nile and 5 Dragons making a return. They too include both the original and Deluxe versions, not to mention progressive jackpots and you can find alternatives to those games as well over in our Aristocrat section here on the site.


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