Aristocrat Latest: Quick Fire Jackpot Pokies

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Standalone video pokies seem to be a thing of the past for Aristocrat, as virtually every new release seems to be part of one of their latest series or ranges of games and this week here at Online Casino Australia, we’re going to take a look at the latest release of all, the Quick Fire Jackpots.

As Aristocrat itself has said, the range is all about colours and animations in terms of the visuals, while the gameplay has been designed to be dynamic and engaging. Indeed, if you happen across any of the games in the local club or casino then you’re definitely going to stop for a closer look as the cabinet has been designed to be one of the most eye catching around. However, looks are one thing and while they might draw in players initially, they won’t keep them around for long if the gameplay isn’t up to scratch.

One of the best things about the series is that all of the pokies are effectively the same game but with different visuals. Once you’ve tried your hand at one and found success, you can adopt the exact same strategies for the next one, possibly at a different venue, and pretty much pick up where you left off. Among the consistent features on the entire Quick Fire range are the fifty win lines and five by four reel layouts. All of the games also offer both one and two cent betting options, so you can configure your stakes exactly to your liking.

So, let’s take a look at the games that currently make up the Quick Fire Jackpots range:

  • Panda Paradise. This poker machine is one for fans of Aristocrat’s legacy Asian themed pokies as many of the visuals have been recycled from older games, such as Wild Panda. They’ve all received a makeover though and the detail and animations are just as good as on the other games in the range.
  • Golden Peach. This one features a whole new theme that is perhaps unlike anything that you’ll have seen before. The overall graphics look slightly more polished than on Panda Paradise and it’s clear that they have been designed from the ground up.
  • Electric Boogaloo. This is perhaps our favourite Quick Fire poker machine overall, although we’ve always had a soft spot for disco. This is perhaps the most colourful looking of all the games in the series and the unique sound effects are top notch. It is also the first of the games that will be released in Victoria, so keep an eye out for the cabinet in the coming weeks.
  • Pharaoh’s Ransom. No new Aristocrat series would be complete without a game based on Ancient Egypt and that role is taken on by Pharaoh’s Ransom. The likes of Queen of the Nile boast more fans across Australia than virtually any other casino poker machine so if you’ve enjoyed the action on those titles in the past, this is the one for you.

That’s an overview of everything that the latest Aristocrat gaming series is bringing to a club or casino near you, but we’ve managed to get this far without even mentioning the most important part of the game – the jackpots! You certainly won’t miss them when you encounter any of the cabinets as they’re always displayed at the top of the machine, and you’ll notice that the prize amounts keep on rising.

The Quick Fire range effectively packs in progressive jackpots. However, if you’re used to playing online then you might not be so familiar with how these works. Online pokies work by taking a cut of the stakes of each player on a certain game or series of games – this applies to big name prizes like Mega Moolah and the Marvel Power Jackpots from Playtech and Microgaming respectively. These stakes are then divided up into the different jackpot pools and every player has a chance of winning as long as they’re playing for a qualifying stake.

The Quick Fire Jackpots range is different as the prizes are all contained within a single machine. That Grand Jackpot at the top of the tree, which is undoubtedly the one that you’ll be aiming for, has been built up by players that have been on the very same machine before you. This means that while the prize amounts may creep up slightly more slowly than you may be used to online, while you’re playing the game, nobody else is going to take that jackpot amount away from you.

The jackpot hits whenever a certain symbol combination falls into play and, unlike many other jackpot pokies, you can potentially win all four jackpot amounts on a single spin. Even if someone has recently won the main prizes, the games are still worth playing as the Grand, Major, Minor and Mini prizes are seeded at $2,250, $200, $40 and $10 respectively based on a one cent coin bet. If you’re feeling lucky then you can double the stakes and double the seed values in the process.

The games are all rounded off by a comprehensive selection of extra features, most notably the Super Stacks Free Games. They’re the free spins that you’ll know and love, but with the added bonus of stacked wilds on the fourth and fifth reels.

All four Quick Fire Jackpots pokies are available now in Queensland and New South Wales and will be hitting the clubs and casinos of Victoria and other states soon. If you fancy some Aristocrat action now without even leaving the house then be sure to check out our dedicated section here on the site where you’ll find coverage of some of the biggest and best games of all time, not to mention the leading online alternatives and the very best places to play them online for real cash.