Bonus Bonanza Ainsworth Pokie

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Bonus Bonanza - Ainsworth PokieWith a name like Bonus Bonanza, you had better hope that the game lives up to such a lofty title and fortunately, you can always rely on a company like Ainsworth to deliver. The layout and overall style of the game is unlike anything that you’re likely to have seen before and that is due to how all of the features work together to make for a hugely entertaining experience. The devil is in the detail, as it were, and we’ve got all of those details below so that you know exactly what to expect when you’re lucky enough to come across this great poker machine the next time you hit the casino or club!

The Pokie Style

A large part of Bonus Bonanza being stunningly unique comes down to the looks. It has something of a retro style when it comes to the visuals and we’re not even talking about the symbols. The gold decoration and various hints of wealth ensure that this game wouldn’t look out of place in any VIP area although realistically you’re just as likely to find it on a standard gaming floor. The symbols themselves match up to the wealth and luxury theme nicely, with dollar signs and precious stones joining the playing card icons as the most pivotal parts of the action.

Betting Options

Betting on Bonus Bonanza is flexible but simple and there is something for any kind of player. A basic 1c denomination amount means that you won’t have to break the bank when spinning the reels, although if you want to bump up the cash amount and therefore the prizes then you’re always more than welcome to do so. The game offers both fifty and hundred win line varieties and having played it several times, the hundred line version appears to us to be the better of the two when it comes to returns, with the higher initial stake being completely offset by the fast and furious nature of the prizes.

Features and Bonuses

So, Bonus Bonanza implies through the name of the game that you’ll never be short of a feature winning opportunity and thankfully it lives up to that name, with the two curved areas at the top of the screen being the key to the biggest wins possible on this game. The first curved area is always in play and spins along with the reels each time you play, whether you’re in the main game or the bonus round. It contains multipliers, bonus wilds and more, ensuring that there’s always a chance of enhancing any win that you manage to land during standard play.

When you reach the bonus round after hitting three or more scatters, you’re initially awarded eight free games that can be re-triggered within the round itself with the same symbol combination. The first curved area gains an additional feature – the spin icon – which will spin the reels again when it lands, without taking one off your existing free spins total. That’s only a minor part of the bonus, however, as the second curved bonus area also becomes active. There, you can grab even more wilds and multipliers, and even additional free spins depending on how it lands. Both bonuses from the special areas can be used at the same time, making this one of the most valuable free spins bonus rounds out there.

This is all rounded off by a feature that is truly standard among Premium Plus pokies, that being the progressive jackpots. Bonus Bonanza offers the standard two tier jackpot amount and, as always, these prizes can be hit at random at any time, regardless of how much you’ve bet on the reels.