Clubs likely to be crippled by pokie transformations

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With many people on the leadership, and especially anti-gambling associations pressing hard on the government to reform gambling rules, some clubs could be on the losing end. Many independent institutions involves with gambling, with people like Gillard, Wilkie and Bob trying as much as they can to step out of the schemes and inducing pre-commitment schemes. Although many people are in support of the pre-commitment moves on gamblers, some people like Tony Windsor are not for the move, and say that he cannot support the move.

With tony being in the fore Front against most of these reforms, he argues that most of these laws are involved with gambling machines, and are the main contributing factors to the social life in which the casinos are placed. This means that, as long as these casinos are in place, then closing them down will not have so much of an impact on the community, as more people are more likely to move to the online avenues.

If the state governments are unable to implement some of these laws, then gamblers will have a limit on the amount of money they can spend gambling, and ATM’s within casinos will have withdrawal limits per day, on each account. Clubs in Australia say that, if some of these implementations are imposed, then land based casinos might be on the losing end, as more people will end up gambling online, leaving very few people to gamble on land based casinos. This will be a big loose to casinos in Australia, while other casinos all over the world are gaining from the same.

When casinos go the online platform, then such laws as imposing a limit on withdrawals on ATMs near casinos will not have an effect on the same, as people are more likely to use credit cards to transact online.


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