Dragons Fortune Mobile Review

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Do you own a mobile phone? Do you love to play pokies games? Then you’re in for a bit of luck because now all the thrills, spills, excitement and entertainment of online casinos have been conveniently packaged for your mobile phone. You can enjoy the non-stop action and big-hitting casino games on your mobile phone wherever you are and whenever you choose to play.

Dragons Fortune Mobile GameSo pick up your mobile and turn it into a pokies paradise today! The best place for you to get all the games and rewards? Definitely Jackpot City Mobile Casino. You can play more than 20 great games there including the unique Dragon’s Fortune scratch card game. And who doesn’t love a scratchie – quick, easy fun with a chance to cash in! Instant fun, instant gratification and maybe even an instant win.

Jackpot City Mobile invites you to enter the exotic kingdom of the dragon and all the mystery and myth surrounding the enigmatic East. Dragon’s Fortune boasts amazing graphics on a simple scratch card platform that makes playing this game really simple. The first thing you need to do is get the game loaded on your mobile. Then choose the amount you want to bet and press “play”. The red fire-breathing dragon will appear on your screen. He’ll blow fire and six coloured pearls covered with Chinese symbols across your screen. These pearls will smash into a gong one at a time, bounce off and settle into a row. Wait to see if any of these pearls reveal two matches and you’ve won! That’s right, all it takes is to match two symbols for a win.

Your win amount is based on your wager times the multiplier, and payouts depend on the symbols that you match. There are 8 different pearl symbols in total and 6 are breathed out from the dragon’s fiery mouth during one round of play. The biggest payout for a symbol is 20,000x and the orange pearls hold these wins! Yellow pearls offer a 2x multiplier, purple pearls a 100x multiplier and green pearls a 1,000x multiplier.

You’ll quickly see if you’ve made a match and won and that’s the beauty of Dragon’s Fortune. Quick play and quick rewards, with no complicated strategies or betting rules. It’s pure, simple fun on your mobile phone.

Feel the power of the dragon on your mobile and play Dragon’s Fortune at Jackpot City Mobile Casino today.


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