Getting Rewarded – VIP Status at Aussie Online Casinos

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If you’re used to playing at land based casinos, or simply haven’t exploited everything that online casinos have to offer by way of rewards then you’re missing out on some of the best things that online play has to offer. We’re all well aware of welcome bonuses and other incentives that get players to sign up with an online casino but that’s by no means all that’s in store for players when they register. After all, casinos don’t just want players to join, play through their bonus and leave. Indeed, it is far more important for them to ensure that their players stick around over the long term and the very best way to do that is to offer ongoing rewards, which almost always come along in the form of a VIP scheme.

Royal Vegas Online CasinoEven if you’re a casual or small stakes player, that’s absolutely no reason to be put off by the name. VIPs are very different in the online and offline worlds. Online casinos don’t have separate, dedicated gaming floors with increased limits that are the haunts of high rollers. Instead, every single player is very important to the casino and the rewards reflect that. Of course, the more you spend and the more you play, the better the rewards will be, but when we’re hunting for absolutely any possible edge over the house any bonus cash and other features help.

So, with exclusive gaming areas and champagne receptions not possible when playing online, we’ll take a look at exactly how the online brands recommended here on the site encourage player loyalty.

VIP Schemes

The names may change from brand to brand, but the basic element is that they are designed with the same concept in mind and are based around fairly similar loyalty programs. Your play earns points, which are then used not only to offer direct rewards, but also determine your VIP status within the casino.

The perfect example comes from one of our most highly recommended brands, that being Royal Vegas. Their scheme is called, understandably, the Royal Vegas Loyalty Rewards Programme and players are enrolled automatically as soon as they create a real money account. Every bet placed, be that on a hand of blackjack or a spin of the pokies, is rewarded with a certain number of points. It is important to bear in mind that different games offer different returns. In this particular case, for example, one credit wagered on the pokies is worth one loyalty point, while a single credit on blackjack is worth a hundredth of a point, or a hundred credits for every point earned. In essence, the higher variance the game, the bigger the rewards. This ensures that players cannot simply grind their way through hundreds of hands on the tables in order to reach the Diamond level.

VIP Levels

As noted, VIP schemes at online casinos are for every kind of player. It makes sense, though, that higher rollers are given greater rewards and this is achieved through different levels. Using Royal Vegas as an example once again, you’ll start off at Silver when first registering an account and then will look to make your way up to Gold, then Platinum and finally the top Diamond level. The higher you climb, the better the rewards. For Gold status, players must earn and then maintain 10,000 loyalty points each month, with Platinum and Diamond requiring 50,000 and 100,000 respectively. This is made easier with increased earning rates at each level and comes with additional bonuses, birthday bonuses and more.

Loyalty Point Redemption

The points that you earn as part of a loyalty scheme are not just there for unlocking different tiers of rewards. They are also valuable in their own right as online casinos allow players to turn them back into real cash and the best part is that, unlike bonuses, there are no turnover requirements. You are welcome to cash your points and then withdraw them immediately if you so choose.

Choosing a VIP Casino

We’ve used Royal Vegas as an example throughout the feature and if you’re looking for a solid, consistent scheme that will suit any bankroll then it is a great place to start. However, like just about everything else, different casinos offer different reward types and it is well worth looking into exactly what they have to offer when registering. If you’re into sporting event invitations and tangible gifts, for example, then casinos like All Slots offer a different proposition. At the end of the day, all of the rewards that you can find will have the effect of taking a little more off the house edge and are something that you should definitely make use of if you want to be a winning player!


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