Golden Goose Mystery Poker Machines

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The golden goose does of course lay the golden eggs and along with being one of the easiest ways to strike it lucky, it has also inspired one of the most popular pokies in Australia at the moment. Like so many of the other Ainsworth releases of recent times, the core game is joined by three different variants and you could well find yourself playing Crazy Goose, Super Goose or Loose Goose depending on where you happen to be playing at the time. They all share plenty in common, not least the opportunity to win some truly massive prizes, although there are also subtle differences between each of the feature rounds as you’ll discover below.

Golden Goose Pokie - Super GooseThe Pokie Style

The focus on all of the Golden Goose games is most certainly on fun and you’ll never have a boring time on any of these games! Crazy Goose features a baby goose that certainly is crazy to the point that he’ll contribute to massive wins on the main reels, while Super Goose is effectively Superman with wings, swooping down onto the reels for even more action. Loose Goose drives a tractor for some reason, but when things are all about being zany, even that is acceptable!

Betting Options

All three Golden Goose Mystery poker machines are played over a hundred lines and, as with all hundred line Ainsworth pokies, credit denominations are calculated based on 1c stakes. With no bigger bets in play, this ensures that each and every player has a valid and equal shot at taking down one of the excellent progressive jackpot prizes displayed at the top of the cabinet.

Features and Bonuses

Those progressive prizes are unquestionably what the game is all about for most players, with thousands of dollars on offer at any time. Each game carries its own standalone jackpots, and players can even throw their hats into the ring with the optional linked jackpots, which draw contributions from every player in the venue that is enjoying a Golden Goose Mystery poker machine. In addition to the top end prizes, players can also enjoy the following features on each respective game:

Crazy Goose

Golden Goose Pokie - Crazy GooseCrazy Goose is ideal for free spins fans, as it offers more spins as standard than either of the other two games. Up to fifteen free games are on offer, with Goose Reveal icons added to the board which will each unveil the same symbol, making for truly enhanced winning combinations. A bonus reel is added to the board following the first nine spins too, making the final few spins particularly lucrative.

Super Goose

Super Goose offers players a more modest six free games, although there is no waiting around for the final few spins to start cashing in. Instead, the bonus reel comes into play immediately and you can even win more free games on that reel itself. Super Goose also makes use of the increasing Goose Reveal symbols, so you know that you’re onto a winner.

Loose Goose

Loose Goose falls firmly in the middle when it comes to bonuses, with eight free games available. The same Goose Reveal mechanic is in play, but the likelihood of re-triggering the free spins within the round itself is much higher than the other two games, making up for the lack of a bonus reel.