Inca Reef Grand Ainsworth Pokie

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If you’ve been playing at land based casinos in Australia lately, then you’ll undoubtedly have encountered plenty of great Ainsworth action. The beauty of the range at the moment is that they are easily accessible for just about any player and share the best bits in common, while also packing in some unique additions that really make each individual game stand out. Inca Reef Grand sticks to the plan perfectly, so you can expect your favourite Ainsworth action, plus a few extras unlike anything that you’ll have played before. It remains a land based exclusive at the moment, just like most Ainsworth pokies, but if you’re heading to the land based casinos and clubs any time soon, then there’s no harm in going prepared.

Inca Reef Grand - Ainsworth PokieThe Pokie Style

One thing that Ainsworth pokies definitely share in common is the fact that there is a certain visual style on their games. The themes are generally excellent and Inca Reef Grand is absolutely no different – if you have a passion for ancient civilisations then this is sure to be right up your street. In terms of the symbols on the game, you’ll find the standard combination of playing card icons at the lower end of the pay scale and some great themed ones at the top.

Betting Options

One area in which Inca Reef Grand does deviate a little from the norm in a way that you’ll need to prepare for is that there is an automatic ante bet. Rather than taking a piece of your standard bet, this instead goes towards funding the progressive jackpots in its own right. Other than that, the game is played over 25 win lines and offers a huge number of coin denominations, starting off at 1c and rising all the way up to $10.

Features and Bonuses

The features and bonuses are what set any game apart from the crowd, and Inca Reef Grand has them in spades. They cover both the theme and some general features too and the one that you’ll be on the lookout for most regularly is the free spins round. If you’re a fan of such rounds then you’ll be in for a treat here as you can win up to forty each and every time. The fun doesn’t stop there either, as the Incan theme continues with the bonus pyramid which spins into action every time the round hits. There, you can make your way up the pyramid for extra bonuses and head towards the progressive prizes that await. Unlike the bonus round, these are pretty standard and you’ll find the same kind of amounts on offer that you’ll already be used to on Ainsworth pokies. The only difference might be the fact that you could encounter standalone machines or their linked equivalent. Naturally, the prizes and the competition are substantially higher on the latter!

Even if you don’t reach the progressives through the pyramid, you can still hit a jackpot using the top paying picture symbols, so the fun never stops and the prizes could come along at any time!