More men than women involved in gambling in Australia, surveys state

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According to a survey conducted by the university of Sydney and Southern Cross University, men from the Australian continent do gamble more on the online platform, than women. The university used real people, who have ever gambled online, and were over the legal age. With these results, concerns have been raised on the reasons as to why most of these men would rather gamble online, other than go to land based casinos to gamble there.

The shocking news reveals that, a whole percentage of 92 of all online gamblers, are men, with women taking the remaining 8%. This is a remarkable number of population for men to involve themselves in gambling, with Australia being the mother of gambling in the whole of the planet. With this not being enough, most women who said they had ever gambled, were housewives, who have ever since enjoyed the privilege of gambling while undertaking their chores. In addition to this, most of the women involved in gambling are aged between 35-50 years.

The reason why the ever growing number of online gamblers is that high, is because many of these gamblers have the convenience of unlimited internet in their houses. This means that they do not have to travel to casinos to gamble, but just have to log into their computers, and continue playing pokies online. With the online market and casinos being anonymous and infinite, then almost anyone can access a casino site, and continue gambling altogether.

With all these being the reasons why many Australian gamblers prefer online gambling, there are some disadvantages that come with the same. According to the research, most of these people gambling online did forsake their chores and responsibilities at one point or the other, hence raising so many concerns on the same.

However, handling online gambling requires an extensive research on the same, so that one can fully understand its phenomenon, and familiarize himself with the same.


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