Online Pokies Coming to Land Based Casinos in Australia

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Online pokies, not to mention their mobile app counterparts, are all the rage in Australia at the moment – something that you’ll be well aware of simply through being here on the site! However, one area of our massive gaming market that rarely sees any benefit from the burgeoning online space is the ever popular land based gaming scene. However, that all looks set to change soon thanks to an announcement from the Indepent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA) that could see online servers taking on an increasing role within bricks and mortar venues.

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The specifics of the announcement took place within a keynote address, where The ILGA Chief Executive Micheil Brodie made his thoughts known that online and server systems would be the next biggest development as far as Australia’s land based pokies market is concerned. In many ways, it matches up to the latest cloud technology that stores data off site, with the likes of Aristocrat having already experimented with such tools.

Legislation acting as a sticking point will come as nothing new to Aussie players. It is the reason why we can’t play any of Aristocrat’s online pokies here in the country, leading us to look instead for alternatives, for example. However, the ILGA is particularly influential and they feel that the adoption of sever based delivery, whereby the only physical presence within the clubs and casinos is the poker machine itself, would greatly streamline the industry all round.

What many of our readers will be particularly interested in is the impact that this could have on overall online gaming here. Technically speaking, online gambling is unregulated. This is why you won’t find Aristocrat pokies online, and also why none of the top casinos brands are based here on the mainland. However, since the land based games will technically be based online, regulation could be extended to such activities as part of the same process.

The announcement is by no means anywhere near creating anything tangible at the moment and is most definitely only in its early stages. However, the fact that it is under consideration with one of the prominent gaming bodies in the country means that the signs are definitely good for advancement.

While regulated gaming would definitely be a solid improvement all round, that’s certainly no reason to miss out on any of the top class action currently available. As noted, you can’t play Aristocrat pokies online but you can come closer than you may think with our great recommendations. You’ll also discover a wide range of great games, bonuses and rewards across all sorts of platforms, from the conventional and traditional desktop computer to the palm of your hand on your phone or tablet. Take a look around the site for everything that you’ll need to know about enjoying some truly top class action!


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