Rio Grande Rapids by Ainsworth

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As you’ll no doubt be aware, Ainsworth’s main focus is on the domestic Aussie market. Unlike their main competitors, Aristocrat, which has transferred many of their international operations to Las Vegas, Ainsworth continues to make Aussie casinos and clubs the priority. However, one game that you certainly don’t need to be in Australia to play is Rio Grande Rapids, which is undeniably one of the company’s genuinely biggest international successes. Of course, we’re most concerned with the games that you can find here in our casinos, and there’s no shortage of Rio Grande Rapids casinos here either. You won’t have to wait long for a spare cabinet either, as the main element of the game is the linked jackpot, so most venues choose to have several on site at once. With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at what this exclusive land based poker machine has to offer!

The Pokie Style

The general theme across Rio Grande Rapids games in Australia is of course all about the name of the game. The Rio Grande itself is famous for all sorts of reasons and the game pulls in plenty of different elements, including buffalo – not to be confused with the Aristocrat franchise of the same name of course – together with trains, carts of gold and much more. There is also a subtle change in the theme and colour scheme of the game depending on which of the different Rio Grande rapids games you’re playing. There’s a choice of Rio Express, Rio Gold, Rio Sunset and Rio Wild.

Betting Options

If you enjoy a wide and varied range of betting options then the Rio Grande Rapids pokies are an ideal choice, as both the credit denominations and line bets are flexible. For the former, you can opt for 1c, 2c or 5c coin values, before deciding whether to play over twenty, 25 or thirty line configurations.

Features and Bonuses

There are two main bonuses to enjoy on the Rio Grande Rapids games, and they won’t surprise any experienced Ainsworth pokies players. The first and most common of the extra features are free spins. They’re fairly standard, although they have been designed to trigger frequently within the round itself, so you’ll rarely have to settle for the original number.

The other big bonuses do of course come in the form of the jackpots. There are three levels of jackpot prizes and they can be won at just about any time. They are of course well worth winning too, with the grand jackpot often being one of the larger prizes in any venue. That’s all down to the fact that there is no standalone option on Rio Grande Rapids. Instead, the prizes are always linked so there will be more competition to take down the big amounts when the casino is busy, but the cash amounts themselves can be absolutely eye watering!