Royal Derby Mobile Review

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Feel the excitement in the air as the crowds gather around the track in anticipation of the race. Watch as the horses are brought forth so the spectators can view their possible selections. Hear the thrum of eager voices as the odds are measured and the stakes are placed. You know you’re in for a fast-paced exhilarating race when you download the Royal Derby game at Jackpot City Mobile Casino.

The state-of-the-art software is supplied by Microgaming, the leading online gaming software provider and offers vivid graphics, superb sound and fluid navigation, promising uninterrupted game-play. Compatible with most hand-held devices like iPhones, Android, smartphones and even iPads and other tablets, Royal Derby and Jackpot City offer endless amounts of fun during those few boring moments on the train, in a taxi or while waiting in a queue.

Royal Derby Mobile GameIf you find it difficult to imagine that a popular video pokies game can be perfectly replicated and represented on any mobile or hand-held device, think again. Everything from the track conditions, horse and jockeys names to the odds, stakes and weather conditions are there for you to review and take into consideration as you select the one winner.

On your first screen, of this virtual mobile horse racing game, you’ll have six horses to choose a lucky winner from. The odds, weather and track conditions will also be displayed on this screen and should be taken into consideration when you make your pick.

Once you’ve selected your horse, the second screen will appear offering you more information like the name of the jockey, the results of the last five races the horse has been in, as well as any additional comments about the horse’s performance.

When you’re ready, you can select the amount you would like to bet, this is called the Stake. There are two types of bets. The first is a Winning bet; which is placed on the horse you think will finish first. The second is a Place bet; which placed on a horse you think will finish either first or second. The cost of a Place bet is equal to the original Stake, doubling your total Stake on the horse.

Once you’ve finished selecting and placing your Stake, you’ll have the option to choose an additional horse, or get right into the racing.

Remember, that when you download the Royal Derby game at Jackpot City Mobile Casino, you’ll also receive a 150% match up to 150 welcome bonus, towards your first deposit, that will further increase your winning opportunities.


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