What to Expect from Australian Dollar Casinos

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One sure fire way for an online casino to ensure that they will sign up far fewer Australian members than they could realistically expect is by not tailoring their banking facility to work with Australian Dollars. Fortunately, such online casinos (which incidentally should reassess their marketing and operations managers for such a costly mistake) are few and far between – the vast majority of online casino operators appreciate the benefits of welcoming Australian players, and do everything they can to make their casino as appealing as possible – particularly when it comes to accepting the local currency.

All SlotsThe benefits to players of an Australian Dollar online casino are obvious. Firstly, we, alongside every other source of reliable casino advice, advocate the use of money management techniques no matter what form of gambling is involved. If a player cannot operate in their local currency then this adds a further difficulty to the overall ideology of managing money correctly. No player wants to work with exchange rates when calculating their winnings or losses, particularly in the middle of a game. There was a time when this was a very real issue. Online casinos were born in the US and UK, and for a significant period of time, only their currencies were valid. As casinos started to expand internationally, there were various stages of implementing different currencies. In some cases, casinos inexplicably allowed deposits in Australian dollars, but not withdrawals! In effect, this meant that players could end up taking out less than they had deposited without even spinning a reel, simply due to the whims of the exchange rate.

Of course, such issues were quickly rectified when the online casino operators realised that this was no way to effectively conduct such an international business. The fact was particularly hammered home when they realised that the take-up of their casino offerings were not as quick in Australia and other countries as they may reasonably have expected.

It is safe to assume that problems such as these are in the deep and distant past of the online gambling industry, and Australian players have every right to expect their online casinos to tailor their software to work with Australian Dollars. Now that such an option can be taken for granted, the most pressing question is which of the Australian Dollar casinos are best?

There are most certainly other financial considerations to be made when selecting an online casino, aside from the currency itself. In addition to being a massive gambling market, Australia is also a world leader in the use of electronic wallets. The ideal Australian Dollar casino accepts all of the major ewallet services, such as Skrill and Neteller, and all of our recommended Australian casinos certainly do so.

Another factor with a potential financial impact on the player is whether the casino is fully integrated for use of the Australian Dollar, or whether they only manage deposits and withdrawals in the currency. Again, it adds difficulties for money management if a player deposits AU$1,000 and receives a bonus of US$1,000. Again, such instances of ‘casino stupidity’ are very rare nowadays, but still possible and something to be avoided. Regardless of the bonus currency, another big issue for Aussie players is that whatever bonus they do receive is applicable to the pokies – after all, Australians do love their pokies. Every welcome bonus in the world comes with its own set of terms and wager requirements, but it is extremely rare to find an online casino that will not allow bonuses to be used on the machines. Indeed, in many cases, they offer extra special bonuses in Australian Dollar casinos that apply specifically to pokies and cannot be used on table games.

Naturally, while we have gone to great lengths to emphasise the benefits of playing in an Australian Dollar casino, it is also important to remember that regardless of the currency used, the safety of the money is of paramount importance. The integrity of any site that we recommend is without question, but we are sure that prudent players will carry out their own checks. Reputable casinos publish everything from their licencing certificates to the return to player percentages in each gaming category. If they are unable to produce such documentation then it should most certainly be considered as a red flag.

So, if the casino is secure and offers players the chance to carry out transactions in Australian Dollars, all that remains is to sign up, collect your bonus and get playing.


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