Whopper Reels Poker Machines

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Pure Platinum - Ainsworth PokieIt is fair to say that much of Ainsworth’s gaming release strategy centres on the idea of creating a core game and then releasing multiple versions of that very same game, often within the same venue. The Whopper Reels series is just such a set of games, where players can enjoy similar features and bonuses, not to mention identical betting options, along with a few different twists within each game within the range. Those games are Motza Magic, Pure Platinum and Mayan Gold, and they are all an absolute treat to play – there are currently no plans for online versions, but if you’re heading to the clubs and casinos of Australia then you’re almost certain to come across one of these great titles and we’ve got all of the details on what they have to offer in this full feature!

The Pokies Style

The main difference between the three games in the Whopper Reels series is the looks, which is almost always the case on Ainsworth pokies. A large chunk of the main screen is taken up by a single iconic image which represents what the game is all about, with Motza Magic making use of a volcano, Pure Platinum a mountain and Mayan Gold a suitably themed pyramid. The icons on the reels themselves are all pretty similar, so once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, although the different icon images do play a part within each game as bonus symbols.

Betting Options

Looks aren’t the only thing to be shared between the Whopper Reels games. They each use a suitably large hundred win line layout which can deliver astounding wins on every spin, and unlike some of their other recent release counterparts, they are available in 1c denominations only, although with flexible credit bets on offer, you can bet pretty much any amount that you can possibly think of on the games.

Features and Bonuses

Ainsworth regularly returns to the concept of free games as their bonus feature of choice and that is the prevalent feature round on all three of the Whopper Reels pokies. Each and every game allows players to take a shot at a round containing eight free spins and that is where the Whopper Reels themselves come into play, with the reel board tripled in size. This is also where the three games differ somewhat, as they each add an extra special feature to the bonus game.

Motza Magic throws in a Mega Whopper Wild, which will expand not only upwards and downwards, but also across the third, fourth and fifth reels, ensuring that if you’ve matched up a couple of symbols on the first two reels then you’re sure to be in for a massive win. Pure Platinum takes a similar approach, except this time when the third, fourth and fifth reels turn wild, they’ll lock in place for the remainder of the round. Mayan Gold adds yet another twist, as the Mega Whopper Wild will expand on reels four and five and lock in place for two further spins. There’s also an additional wild on the third reel, which will not only expand but also apply a multiplier to any prizes won during the round of either two or three times.

Finally, the arguable highlight of the game for many players is the chance to scoop a massive jackpot. All three Whopper Reels games including a two tiered progressive jackpot – the minor and major prizes – and they can pay out at literally any time at random, rounding off one of the best value pokies experiences available right now.