Winning Wolf by Ainsworth Gaming

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Winning Wolf - Ainsworth PokieWolves make numerous appearances on some of the biggest and best pokies that Australia has ever seen. Wolf Moon by Aristocrat, for example, is a genuinely legendary game here and the company has plenty more examples of top notch action. However, they’re not the only ones with some great gaming up their sleeve with that theme, with Ainsworth’s Winning Wolf being an absolutely perfect example. Oddly enough, given the relative lack of online pokies from either of the top developers, both Winning Wolf and Wolf Moon have been added to the selection at some top European casinos. As you’ll be well aware by now, that’s of little use to us here in Australia as access is blocked. Nevertheless, you’ll still find Winning Wolf in land based venues up and down the country and it continues to be a cracking game, so it’s well worth playing in its own right or even to get some practice in for the online launch – not that we know when that’s likely to be!

The Pokie Style

The game actually adopts something of a serious theme compared to what you might be expecting, although there are so many humorous wolf themed pokies that our judgement might have been clouded slightly! Nevertheless, just like every Ainsworth poker machine to feature animals, such as Safari Spirit, the icons are highly detailed and a pleasure to look at. You’ll encounter not only wolves, but also owls, buffalo, deer and more. The rest of the screen is much the same as you’ll be used to on Ainsworth’s iconic games, but that at least means that you’ll know your way around if you’ve never played before!

Betting Options

Winning Wolf, like so many of its contemporaries, is available over up to fifty win lines. You don’t have to play across all of them, and can instead adjust them incrementally all the way down to one. However, you’ll want to play over as many as fit in with your betting strategy as it always leads to the best overall value, especially when the feature round is taken into consideration.

Features and Bonuses

Speaking of features, they don’t vary all that much on this generation of Ainsworth pokies and you’ll be well versed by now in just how popular free spins are among the development team. That’s exactly why you’ll want to play over the maximum fifty win lines, as the free spins pay out prizes on however many lines were active when the round was triggered. Those spins – eight to be precise – are awarded when players land three or more mountain symbols on a single spin. The number is fewer than on many popular games, but there is an additional trick that is rather unique to this game.

The wolf is the wild card during both standard and free spins play, and he is responsible for the trick that compensates for the smaller total of spins. When a wolf lands in view on any spin, he will stay there until the round ends. That means that if you’re lucky enough to land five of a kind wilds on the first spin, you’ll be paid out that top prize on every single spin thereafter, not to mention any others that land on the fifty win lines.

Winning Wolf is definitely a lot of fun to play and can most certainly be behind some of the most exciting action currently available in Aussie land based venues. Now that you know what to expect when you come across a cabinet, be sure to give it a spin for yourself the next time you see it!